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Grain base automatic packaging machines successful

Business community, June 26

 Recently, the country's first grain base automatic packaging machines in the (6.23,-0.28,-4.30%)Can Chemical test run smoothly packaged bags of grain alkali products, which marks the Xinjiang Tianye a breakthrough progress in the field of machine automation level, and have access to practical and promotional stages.

Granulocyte alkaline products Automatic packaging machine is set by the Xinjiang Tianye days the chemical in order to reduce the workers' labor intensity, to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency and new operating platform, grain base single bag, net weight 25 kg, the average hourly sets of 600 fully automated bag packaging operations.  System operating entirely through the intelligent remote, almost half faster than the semi-automated packaging operations manual participation rate.  The successful practice of the system, Xinjiang Tianye engineering and technical personnel from the flatness of packaging to the rate of the bags have made many positive exploration is the most advanced grain-alkali products automatic packaging machinery.

 Tablets of alkali products automatic packaging machines to be put into operation in Xinjiang Tianye, strong to improve workers' working conditions, will play a far-reaching influence in Xinjiang Tianye product supply and marketing of grain base.

 This project lasted for three months by the HIT of Hiromi Group and Xinjiang Tianye common debugging run qualified to solve a lot of the details of the technical problems during the accumulated valuable practical experience, which greatly enhanced the inquiry ability of the entire team.  Currently, the system is running stable, adoption was formally accepted by the Xinjiang Tianye.

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